Saturday, May 12, 2012

3 Breadsticks on a Silver Platter {110}

Dear Miss Dinah,

You have been carrying around these little blocks with you for weeks now! You just carry them throughout the house everywhere you go. I'm finding them in all sorts of interesting new places ;)

This morning you put 3 red ones on the lid, and brought it out to Daddy.

When you presented him your gift, he was THRILLED.

"Three bread sticks on a silver platter!" he exclaimed. "Thank you!!!" Oh boy, was he excited.

This morning we went on a long walk to the Dollar General to make a return. It was a brisk morning and a nice walk. The "noon whistle" went off right when we past the library. It was loud whistle! Apparently, the test it each Saturday, though I don't remember hearing it before, at least not that close!

This afternoon we went to Guinney's. She was making pies for our guests tomorrow. We kept her company a little while. She put out a nice little Whinnie the Pooh blanket for you to play on, but you soon found something else you wanted to play with...

These dolls set on the mantle. Guinney has made one for each of her 'children.' From left to right there is: (your) Daddy and Mamma, Uncle Jeremiah, Aunt Julie, Uncle Nicholas, and Aunt Stephanie.

The baby in Julie's lap used to be Micah...then became is back in Julie's lap as baby Emma!

Guinney took Daddy down for you =D

"Whatcha doin, Daddy?"

Then...the real Daddy found us! Go get him, girl! 

You snacked on some fresh strawberries from Gampa's garden, then had some of Daddy's favorite Hy-Vee Cheesy Hamburger Pasta when we got home, nursed, and went to sleep.

I love you.

Mamma <3

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