Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Biggest Fan {114}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Today we went out of town to watch the band perform one last time before they head off to Colorado late tonight.

We have had such a wonderful few days hosting them in the area, and getting to spend time with everyone in between gigs. It does not take long for hearts to become knit, hopefully we will get to visit soon.

Between Greg, Paul, Rob, Skylar and Jason, they have 17 children! So, they are used to being around little ones all the time. I imagine they miss their children a great deal when they are away. But they loved spending time with you as a stand in ;)  Jeff, Kelly and Brittany are not married yet, but they too are of course used to being around all the kiddos at the school.

UnNamed Servant's biggest fan :)
You also made a new friend...

A little boy of about the same age was at the bookstore today. You two gabbed back and forth. He offered you his chain link toy and you offered him Granny's bracelet. How sweet :)

It turned out that there was a pastor there of a small Spanish-speaking church in attendance who asked the guys if they might stay tonight and play at the park across the street. It is a great venue with a large stage and lots of seating. They agreed, so you, Mamma, and Granny went to run some errands and pick up some pizza so they could eat dinner before the show. You napped during this time, but woke up as we arrived back with the pizza. I nursed you and then you and I started home with Granny's car. Gampa was on his way up to meet Granny and attend the concert.

We said our goodbyes and headed out as they set up lights, subwoofers, and broke out the electric guitars :) I'm sure it was quite a concert!

I love you,

Mamma <3

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