Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Garden Update and Lunch with the Girls {120}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Well, baby, our garden is growing like...a garden! (And you are too, by the way) It's amazing what a little water and sunlight can do :)

One of our pumpkins.

Broccoli (foreground), Brussels Sprouts (background)

Hybrid Collards
 We went to eat lunch today with Dana. Her friend Sunny was in town. Sunny is from Korea originally, and is about to leave for Mongolia to teach English for two years. She told us the whole story about how she has come to do this, and it was very inspiring! The highlight of your lunch was getting to try some of the yummy chicken Dana cooked...and playing with your buddy General under the table.

He is so easy-going!

Let's be best friends!

Almost there...

Ok, ready! Let's go!
In other news, you are cutting a new tooth on the bottom, so you will be even again -- 4 top, 4 bottom =D

I love you.

Mamma <3

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