Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nothing is Impossible {104}

Dear Miss Dinah,

This morning at church, Gampa preached because Craig was out of town.
He reminded us that NOTHING is impossible with God.

He pointed out a different to look at this statement. When God is present, something happens. Nothing does not happen :) Tricky, huh?

"That's my Gampa up there!"
When you got a little chirpy, Daddy had you playing games on the iphone!
Then you guys played outside, while I stayed inside for the rest of the service.

And today was particularly windy. Get that wind, girl!!!
On Gampa's birthday the other day, the guys went out of town to see a movie, but it was all sold out, so we went back this afternoon. We met Guinney at the airport who was arriving from her flight back from California. We ate at the Italian restaurant at the airport, did some shopping, and headed to the movie. You stayed with your Guinney, and you two palled around while the rest of us watched The Avengers. Great movie, but very loud and explosive! You would be glad you didn't go today :) There were many young kids, and even a few criers. I'm sure you had a better time with Guinney.

I love you.

Mamma <3

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