Sunday, May 27, 2012

Things That Go Click {125}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Daddy was on his computer and called from the other room this morning,
"Hey, what's going on? Oh! Haha! Will you turn off the mouse?"

You love pushing little buttons, and things that go click.
 Went to the Rec Park and saw some of our buddies. Didn't stay too long because it was getting pretty toasty out.

Long enough for both girls to love on you, and take you down the slide a few times :)

Zeza finds your stroller rather comfy...and a haven from the sun.

Katie and Z encroaching upon your space :)
This afternoon we drove over with Granny to see (great) Granny and Grandad at the Long Term Care and then deliver cookies to Ms. Linda who lives near there. Granny and Grandad enjoyed spending time with you. Grandad gave you a banana which you were very pleased with. You were not so pleased with the lanky little stuffed monkey that makes noises. His little screeches made you frown a little :(

Skills Update:

You pull up to stand, but are not excited about using someone's hands to do so! You prefer to use their legs or an inanimate object :)

You took one or two baby steps on Friday (I just forgot to mention this before). I don't think you really noticed that you did it. We were in the kitchen and you know your are not supposed to touch the trash can, so you were hovering over it, watching me shuck corn. You wanted the corn and as I moved back you took the tiniest little step forward to reach it. A step is a step! You go girl!

You went down the step!! We have one step in our home, from the living room into the kitchen. Daddy and I have been working with you for 4 or 5 days to turn around backwards and get down it. Up till now you would crawl to it and stop at the edge, wanting someone to help you down. Or, you teeter close to the edge, deciding if you can go face first. (You still seem to consider this). But, as Daddy and I were watching but *not paying too much attention*:) you turned your little body around backwards and put down one leg and then the next. We cheered loudly for you!!

4 generation photo

I love you,

Mamma <3

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