Thursday, May 24, 2012

All Around the House {122}

Dear Miss Dinah,

This afternoon we strolled to Granny and Grampa's. We stopped by and visited with Ms. Charly on the way...

Playing in your toy drawer. It's funny: the toys go out, and you go in :)

Two beautiful girls spending quality time together.

And this is me taking a picture of you and your granny looking at the last photo I just sent to her. (Woah...figure that one out!)

Magnets are so much fun...
It's funny how you have your favorite little spots all around the house anywhere you go.

A cute picture I found on the fridge...does this handsome young man look familiar? =D

We came home around 5:00. Took a bath, nursed, and you went to bed pretty early again tonight. Well actually Daddy got you back up when he got home because you weren't quite asleep. Despite being extremely tired (both your naps were cut a little short today), you walked around the yard with him for a bit.

Knock knock knock on the kitchen door...

You went to bed and I cooked some of our lettuce for dinner: hybrid greens (under) and chard (top). I had to look carefully, and wash out all the bugs (and take a few inch-worms back outside!!!) but I guess that's the price for garden-fresh produce =D

While on Daddy's phone, I found this one that he must have snapped today: love it!!

I love you,

Mamma <3

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