Saturday, May 5, 2012

Some Firsts {103}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Today we experienced a few firsts:

1. First phone call.
Gary has sent out a text almost every morning without fail for a few years now. He gets up super early to spend time in the Word, pray for friends and family, then send out an encouraging note. I had the text open and you must have hit "call," because before long he was calling back! It was a good excuse to spend a few minutes catching up.

2. First wave.
Daddy was your first wave! We strolled over to visit him and Austin fixing a motor scooter, and when Daddy saw you, he looked up and waived, so excited to see you...and you waved back, which made the moment all the more sweeter :)

3. First kiss.
Well, you've been kissing for a few days now actually, and what sweet kisses you give! My favorite was when you kissed Piglet-Wiggle-it, and hugged him too! I'm not sure who your fist kiss was...too close to tell ;)

It's a pleasure to watch you dance without hesitation when you hear music. Today, it was to the Veggie Tales' Larry singing about his lips. Keep grooving, girl.

 I love you. 

Mamma <3

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