Sunday, May 13, 2012

UnNamed Servant {111}

Dear Miss Dinah,

This morning, the UnNamed Servant band arrived around 8 o'clock, and we went to the church to greet them and help unload.

You and I came home to nap, but you decided you didn't really need one this morning, so we headed back to church around 10:30.

Greg and the guys started jamming. You were interested nearly the whole service. Sweet baby, you fell asleep in Mamma's arms just as they were starting to get loud, near the end ;)

They played an array of music from traditional hymns set with a beat, to some of their original songs. These guys have such a heart and a burden for the poorest of the poor in the world, so many of their songs reflected the stark differences between those cultures and ours. They share the truth of the gospel in a powerful way that bends peoples' hearts toward the truly needy.

In one of my favorite songs they sing, they talk about doing what the Lord has enabled them to do for poor people, especially children and orphans in the communities they minister in throughout the world. They talk about building houses and giving shoes, then they say something like, "My children will play with you...I will be like a dad to wife will be like a mom."

Band starting up...

Joyful noise!
On little Alyssa's hip

We came back to the house, had a yummy lasagna dinner, strawberry/rhubarb pie, relaxed, and fellowshiped.

You can hardly see the guys (and gals) they are melted down into the couches!

Across the street they were practicing for the rodeo, so we went to take a peek. Greg has been all over the world, but has never seen anything like this! He was enthralled :0)

Now he is saying, "It's so bright out here!"

Calf Roping

The newly acquired tour bus parked outside of Granny and Grampa's.
Very nice on the inside! Still, I can't imagine when the band travels to El Salvador in a few weeks with wives and all of their 13 children!!!

Rose bush outside the house has exploded! Gorgeous!

Nap time!

We came home later, and Daddy went to help them fix something on the bus. I think I just finally heard that giant tour bus pull up to our little home to drop Daddy back off =D

I love you.

Mamma <3

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