Monday, May 14, 2012

Tractors and Mashed Potatoes {112}

Dear Miss Dinah,

You are funny and you like to make people laugh. Your cheesy little grin is infectious and you know how to use it :) Please keep on using it.

Speaking of cheese, while at the store today, I gave you the block of cheese to keep occupied with. Well you kept occupied all right. When we arrived at the check-out counter, I finally realized you had chewed through the plastic to get to the cheese and were munching quite happily away on it. You even had two little red marks on your cheek where the plastic scratched you as you plowed your way into it.

Speaking of plowing, as we were strolling down the street, we saw this tractor pull out of our driveway. Or at least I thought it was in our driveway. It came back a few minutes later with some dirt and seemed to be going somewhere else.

See it waaaaaaay at the end of the street?
 Well, I laugh because I don't find things like very strange any more. Life is so full of surprises now, that few things seem impossible. Like a tractor in our driveway.

The band spent their day off here, and so we spend much of the day with them over at Granny and Grampa's.

Granny made a very hearty, delicious dinner, but we had to leave and get ready for your bed time before it was quite ready. We came home and you went down with smiles and Piggle-it (#2). #1 is over at Granny and Grampa's because you've been napping there!

But not too much later, I heard "the hog" as Eddie calls it (Daddy's motorized bike!) outside...dinner was special delivered to me by Daddy! What a guy ;)

No wonder you were finally giving the "more" sign while Granny was cooking.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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