Friday, May 25, 2012

The Birds and Bees -- I Mean, Dogs {123}

 Dear Miss Dinah,
There are two types of animals that never fail to be out establishing their presence early each Spring/Summer morning.

1. The dogs
2. The birds

(Cats don't count because they are so constant and prevalent that they go without saying)

The dogs:
They have obviously roused from their slumber and have then re-piled themselves in the yard somewhere. They are laying down comfortably, most with chins to the ground. Eyebrows may raise as you pass them by, but not much reaction beyond that from these hairy lumps. They are friendly as can be and will be more than happy to roll over for a tummy rub, but mostly remain content to watch the day pass by.
The little yippers (as I call the smaller version of dog) or yippy dogs, give off a much bigger show. But, that's what it is mostly, a show. They make a huge racket as you go by, but then lose interest quickly...

The birds:
I don't even know when they sleep or when they wake because no matter how early I wake, they are almost always up earlier. They start the morning out singing their sweet songs, jumping and flittering around. No lethargy from these little squeakers. They move about quickly and intentionally toward their destination and then the next, and the next. A quick and tasty breakfast, then nest building. Some are gliding in circles with other birds, honing in on a prize that they will collect when the moment is optimal. Focused, determined, yet still light-hearted...


It's been said that I take a lot of stroller pictures...
It might be true.

Early morning while I watered the garden...

Late morning strolling to Granny and Grampa's for lunch...

I love you,

Mamma <3

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