Monday, January 14, 2013

Aunt Elisa's Brithday {355}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Yesterday morning we headed to church. You found your way to the kids' area long before anyone else showed up. So, Mamma and you played hide and seek in the playhouse while the others were singing worship in a nearby room.

Miss Anna (Amsie and Ian's big sis) was leading your group in a game of "I Spy" until Ms. Amber came to teach the group. Ms. Amber led you in a short lesson and then you did a sing / dance along which I happened to peek in at. You were right up there with the rest of the group!

In our group we talked about teams which could be anything from a sports team, to a church, to a family. We talked about the importance of keeping teams strong and what that takes, like trust and commitment.  

Coat rack being used as a jungle gym. Ian was yelling, "Sean! Sean! Come look at me!" He would not leg go until his buddy Sean saw him hanging there.

Watching some Veggie Tales and eating a snack after nap.

We separated the dried fruit and the coconut into two separate containers because I didn't think you would eat the coconut (last time you didn't). But this time you went for it. 

A little while later we loaded up our cake and drove about an hour and a half to celebrate Aunt Elisa's birthday. We met for dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse called, 'Kobe.' Grandpa, Sisi (Grandma) and Aunt Katie were already there when we arrived.

They were happy to see you. Those mammas never stop taking pictures of their babies...

The birthday girl arrives with her roommate, Abbey!

She comes and greets you.

B-Day girl with her little sis. 
I remember when she was born and I became a big sis. I was three years old or so :)

They started making dinner. Everything was grilled on the open skillets right at our table. Here I tried to take a picture of the huge flame that the cook started with, but it was so quick, I missed it. Hi Sean and Elisa!

You really enjoyed watching them cook. They did lots of fancy trick and games with the food, tossing it up and catching it in their hats, cracking eggs on knives, and even tossing food at our mouths. You were very attentive :)

Then they brought out the surprise! We asked if they could serve our cake and they did! The waiters even came out and sang 'Happy Birthday' with us, complete with a big gong. 

Sean and Elisa with friends (on left) Kristen and Cordius, who just had their baby girl Emma 2 weeks ago! They said this was their first time away since, and the baby was home with grandma.
 Our cake! I'm pleased that it turned out looking zebra-striped. That's what we were going for :)

It is strawberry and dark chocolate with cream cheese icing - Elisa's favorite

 By the end of the night, you were the one doing tricks. You attempted to put 2 spoons in your mouth at once. First the regular spoon, then the soup spoon. The regular spoon always managed to fall out, however.

 Needless to say, you slept ALL the way home.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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