Sunday, January 27, 2013

Berries {368}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Yesterday morning we went to breakfast with Ms. Loree.

Ms. Loree and Mamma have been friends since...maybe since I was about your age! Anyway, she was in town for an conference with her husband's work, and we got to spend the morning with her.

We went to a fun breakfast restaurant in town. I ordered some yummy pancakes and you had the classic breakfast -- and devoured your eggs!

Next we went to the Discovery Center because Ms. Loree wanted to check it out. She learned about it by reading these letters! It turned out to be a good day to go because they were celebrating State Day at the center and there was a lot going on! 

I think the Farm Bureau might be a big sponsor of the center, because there was this beautiful picture of the lightboard when we showed up:

Two of my favorite words that you say are: oil and berries. 

Oil sounds like oylo oylo, and you stick your tongue out as you say it :)

And berries sounds like this:

I love you,

Mamma <3

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