Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winds of Change {364}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Today was a little wild as the renovations start to pick up. In the midst of it all, I failed to take pictures again, but I did find these on Daddy's phone from yesterday.

He took you to the park in the morning. It was so cold, there was nobody there. It was about 21 degrees, but you loved it, he said! He also said you would play for just a few minutes, and then go into the car to warm up before going back out again.

You do love the park, and the wind, and even the cold. I remember when you were just a wee little baby, it would make you so very happy to get outside where the wind was blowing.

Sometimes I wonder when you look back, how far back will you have memories? Will you remember this time in your life? I wish that I could get everything set up just right before you are aware of what is going on. Isn't that always the case, people preparing for a baby to be born, trying to get everything set up just right? Obviously you have already been born, and we did actually have your room set up. I'm learning though, that just having physical 'things' in place doesn't make as big a difference as having my heart, and my attitude in the right place. Darling girl, I hope that you learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others, so that you will have to make less of your own, and have more space for joy and success!

I love you,

Mamma <3

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