Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Runaway {372}

Dear Miss Dinah,

More dark, morning photos. Daddy is in the closet tinkering with the water heater, and you've scooched in there right by his side.

Daddy's little helper:

Guess what was waiting outside of our window this morning? A few inches of gorgeous, delightful snow!

You and Ginni got to enjoy it together before she had to leave for her long drive back home:

After packing Ginni up, and scraping snow off the cars, we ventured out. How different those wintery trees look with just a little bit of a snow cap.

After yoga class we went to pick up some plumbing equipment. We saw these rugs (this is a small rug sample on top of a full size rug). Aren't they interesting? We were thinking it would make a unique project - maybe a table runner or something - in the future.


We did lots of grocery shopping today for our creative style meals, adapting to having no stove! Oh and by the way, you were all over the place in the store! You started out in the car cart, then you wanted to be up front, then you wanted to push the car cart! It would probably be ok for you to get out of the cart if you didn't try and RUN AWAY! :)It might have been the longest trip we have had in a LONG time. Tonight we made a delicious Mexican casserole using the induction (one burner) heater, and the toaster oven, which is too small to cook a whole dish. This actually worked out fine, because we divided it into two and froze one small casserole to cook another day.

Tonight as we were getting dinner ready, I saw monkey go up onto the bed. I suggested that maybe he needed a diapee change, and it looks like he did.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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