Saturday, January 12, 2013

Toilet Paper Zombie {354}

Dear Miss Dinah,

When I got home from yoga class this morning, I found you still in your PJ's (which by the way you think sounds like 'pizza'). You went to grab two rolls of toilet paper and did as follows:

how clever.

We went to the store to get a few odds and ends for the special cake we are making today. It was COLD out there today. We got back and had lunch and then cookies. You are turning into quite the little cookie girl - like your Mamma. You had part of a fortune cookie that Daddy got with his Chinese food last night and then you had a coconut cookie that we made at Christmas time. They are a tradition that Mamma's had for years and years. This year we had different color dyes and so the cookies turned out purple and green instead of red and green. It was pretty funny, but they were still super tasty. If you look close you can see the purple blur in your hand.

Later we braved the cold again to visit little Amsie and Ian. Even though Amsie was napping almost the whole time you were there, you had fun playing with her little Russian dolls. I also took this picture because I wanted to get a shot of your pretty hair. When Ms. Reagen asked how it was possible to do it, I told her that many times you are running in circles and I am chasing you by the ponytail. Somehow it works ;)

As we were getting ready to leave, Amsie had just woken up and was about to eat some dinner. "Ready for pasta?" Ms. Reagen said. "Papa! Papa!" you exclaimed and scurried toward her. She was nice and gave you a bite before we hurried out the door to go home and make quesadillas.

Once you took a bath, I took a quick shower before you went to bed since your crib is in the bathroom. It is darker and much better insulated than the spare bedroom, and you don't seem to mind :)

Here is the cake we finished tonight! To be honest, you did not help at all this time :)
I hope the inside turns out as planned... I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Tonight was one of those nights that you were tired enough, that I could start rubbing your back and you'd lie down. Then I rubbed your head and you got so still, blinking heavy. Then I did the trick that my Daddy taught me when we had a little kitty - to take your finger and stroke from his forehead in between his eyes down to his nose. This makes kitties fall asleep instantly. Seems to work with babies too :)

I love you, 

Mamma <3

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