Friday, January 18, 2013

Bulldozers & Pizza {360}

Dear Miss Dinah,

While on a drive this morning we noticed a house being torn down... it was so fascinating, you, me and Daddy had to stop and watch for a few minutes.

When we got home we made cupcakes. Which of course you referred to as cookies - "Coco..."

As you can see, we had lots of fun decorating them. My favorite one is the upper right corner -- looks like angel hair pasta. We made that one before we cut the hole in the icing bag larger, so it wouldn't take so long to decorate all the cupcakes. And the bottom right hand one is filled only with frosting (all the extra). I wanted it to look even :)  Daddy laughed at us for doing this :)

What's really funny is that the cupcakes came from this kit that was on sale this fall at Aldi. Daddy bought it, but we didn't really want to make them look like brains because that was a little creepy. (Daddy and I each tried to make one though - they are in the middle, mine is a little spaced out, his looks more like the box). 


After naptime, waking up face...

A quick trip to the park before we went to shopping for dinner. Your favorite spot was the little bobble car. You went back and forth between it and the bobble truck for the first half of our time there. Here you are just sitting, observing for a while, watching all the other children run around:

Friday night - PIZZA night.


I love you,

Mamma <3

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