Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snow in Jerusalem {352}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Riding your car?/ truck?/ bike?/motorcycle? this morning. You are a get up and go kinda girl. Oh, and yesterday during our walk, you stuck your arms out in front of you and made a rev-my-motor noise.

It's funny, because I was telling Ms. Reagan later on that you can be so quiet / reserved / observant in a group, while at home you are a wild child, especially in the mornings. 

Co-co (cookies) with Miss Amsie: 

Ms. Reagan also informed me that Ian and Amsie were so excited that you were coming over that they lay down pink blanket all across the living room floor.

Yesterday at the Discovery Center we sat through the informational video finally. I wanted to wait until a time when no one else was in the room so you would have the luxury of running around if you preferred - which you did :)

Well the show was so neat, I decided we should sneak back in again and see it real quick before lunch, so we did. The video is about the Flint Hills (which is what the whole museum is about) which mostly remain in Kansas.

I know it's hard to see you in this picture, but if you look really close, you are staring up at the ceiling because there is "snow" falling from it. The 20 minute show is amazingly interactive, including wind, smoke, rumbling thunderstorms, and this snow. It doesn't scare you though. I jumped a little when the lightning struck and the buffalo stampeded, but you didn't seem phased.

But the snow was definitely your favorite, it is the one time you just stay still and marvel at the "sky." Gary sent us a message tonight saying that it was snowing in Jerusalem for the first time in a long time. 

I used to exercise every day for an hour or more... but some day we just have to improvise. Daddy joked to use you as my weight and do knee bends. You actually enjoyed it more than it looks like in this photo :)

Used to be you got a bath every other day or so, but you like that tub so much we've been using it every night :)

You didn't seem tired this evening, but I knew you were so we went back to the crib and tucked in everybody else (Piglet, Puppy, Bear) and soon you obliged to laying down too. Of course we had to brush your soft hair too, as we had done for the others as they "fell asleep." 

I love you,

Mamma <3

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