Friday, January 4, 2013

Icy, Snowy Pooh {346}

Dear Miss Dinah,

In the morning when we rise... and everyone finally makes there way out of bed,

we start on breakfast.

You are becoming more and more adept at using the spoon to feed yourself.
And we just ignore the mess it makes on the face, the floor, and our clothes sometimes   :)

The quest for the truly leak free sippy cup has taken us far. And I think we have actually found one. This morning it had juice in it. 

You just awoke from a nap and are watching Mr. Jovan and Daddy install lights.

I don't know how in the world this photo got imported, but it's Daddy's screen on his phone. Maybe an accidental screen shot got taken?

"Make mine a double!" I imagine this is what you are saying about the delicious smoothie we've made. 

Getting out every last morsel.

What to do with all that energy? How about clean! We swept, mopped, then polished the floors. We might have done too good of a job as you had a few slips later on. Oops!

Mamma's little helper.

Look, ma! Two hands!

I gave you a shower (no bathtub here, but you are reluctantly getting used to the shower) and we resumed our afternoon walk around the half-block after your hair dried. It was a different experience, much more adventurous, tromping through the snow. When we got to the corner, you wanted to cut across the corner yard so we could walk in deeper snow. We did, and instead of continuing on down the alley, you turned around and went back in the opposite direction so we could go back and cut across the yard again! Once more we did, and then I insisted we continue on. Further down the alley something yellow caught your eye, buried in the ice and snow. It was a tiny little Whinnie the Pooh figurine. It was missing one ear and covered in snow but you wanted to take it home. Every few steps you would use him to scoop up a little snow and try and put it in your mouth and eat it! I'm sure the cold snow was nice and refreshing on your teething teeth! We got home and washed Pooh off. 

When Daddy got back from running some errands, we went to the store to get our Friday night pizza. We came home to eat, started a movie (Life of Pi) and you crashed. 

I love you, 

Mamma <3

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