Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Toddler Status {358}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Now that you've officially reached toddler status, you seem to have grown hungry for a little bit more than the status quo. Talking to my friend Ms. Kim this morning, I found out all sorts of things that go on around town for little children. Things that I think you would find very interesting at this point like music groups, play groups, and even an indoor jungle gym! I think we'll tackle a little at a time.

Also, you enjoy reading and since I only brought a small backpack of books with us here, we are running low on new material! We followed some good advice and went to the thrift store today. We found 3 great new books (plus one activity book for ages 3-5 that I will pack away for a while, and one book that I bought on accident) for $.40 each! We were on a roll so we checked on eBay later, and got 40 great books for around $30! I'm very excited to have so much fresh material!

One of the books we found at the thrift store, a Veggie Tales book, plays a song. You took this book into nap time and I heard the song play over and over, until finally it stopped. I went int to check, and you were completely covered with a blankie. I removed it of course, and you didn't seem to mind.

Tonight we a small group meeting at Mr. John and Ms. Reagen's (Amsie's...) We walked in and the first thing you said was "Co co co co co co co!" There were cookies on the table. Yes, you got one, and yes, it made you very exciting to be around. You played long and hard with the other kiddos and were tuckered out and ready to go at 8:30, though you did try and snag another cookie (it didn't work).

I love you, 

Mamma <3

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