Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Routine {348}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Thank you for adding joy to every morning we wake up.

Our morning routine tends to go a little something like this:

We hear your little voice from the other room. If you sound content and fairly quiet, we let you be for a little while. Then Mamma or Daddy comes in and says hello. Typically you respond by handing us a toy or book from your crib as a bribe to let you out -- as if you need one! Once you're out, we commence with a diaper change. Same thing every morning, and you're still not keen on it :)

Then you play for a while, till Mamma makes you some breakfast. Lately it's been yogee (yoghurt) with fruit and your snack cup full of cereal.

This morning church met at Mr. Tom's house. I'm so thankful for our church family here, they really do feel like family. Mr. John, our friend and pastor, is in Kyrgyzstan, so Mr. Tom led a lesson and discussion. We ended with sharing of the miracles we've seen God perform in our own lives. Mr. Jovan took you little ones down the street to Mr. John and Ms. Reagan's house for your lesson.

We came home and ate a fast lunch because you were very tired.

After lunch and nap, we went shopping. One thing we got was a big plastic tub. We'll try and fill it up so you can take baths since showers can be a little tricky. Oh, we also found a Christmas stocking for Daddy on sale for $2.50 :)

You and I came back and started cooking dinner while Daddy went to talk business with some friends. We had potato soup with sun-dried tomatoes (your fav) and cheese. We read stories and drank juice. You love to be teased. I'd act like I was going to give you a drink, and then take it out of your mouth really fast and you would just laugh and laugh.  

Next we brush teeth and I sing you to sleep. Actually I sing till you get drowsy and still. And then you read books to your crib friends till you fall asleep.

As I sat down to type out this letter tonight, I realized I'd neglected to take any pictures today. I think about it many times, but never grab the camera. So, Daddy said, run in and take one now! So here you go :)

As I took this, you half-woke up, pointed at something, and went back to sleep.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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