Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fish With Whiskers {345}

Dear Miss Dinah,

It's funny that after all our traveling and all the fun toys you had a chance to play with on the road, how completely happy you seems with the familiar gidgets and gadgets of home...

You love playing with the knobs and buttons of these heater (not plugged in).

You love pushing around your laundry basket full of 'stuff.' There is, golf balls, sippy cup, snack cup, cars and a few other transferable items. If you like it, you claim it, and in the basket it goes.

It's hard to tell but you are using a basketball for a seat in this photo. We are getting ready to go for a walk so you have your new puppy dog hat on.

We did some shopping and stopped by the pet store for fun. You watched the fish for a long while. There were four tanks in a row and you'd run from one to the next. We saw tiny little fish, neon colored fish, and even fish with whiskers!

Back home it was business as usual. This time using a multi-colored plush cube (game) Sisi got you for Christmas as a seat.

Oh, today we also danced to loud music and giggled a lot.

And helping Mamma with the many Christmas cards left to be sent out :)

Today you had many toddler injuries. This morning you slipped off the couch and bit your tongue, it bled a little. Later you banged your cheek on the ground. Oh and before that you excitedly went for a dog and a friends house and the dog got spooked -- and really spooked you back!

We were there eating dinner with those friends and Daddy stayed to watch the bowl game. We came home tuckered out, and you went promptly to sleep.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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