Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Light {350}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Sock monkey looked cold so we covered him with a blanket.

When you are older we will tell you about how we lived in the basement of this house, for a while, until it was completely remodeled, and we could move and rent it out. We will tell you about how Mamma and Daddy finished one bathroom, and then worked on the bedroom, living area, another bathroom...and how you slept in different places depending on where the noise was being made!

Here Daddy is hooking up the bathroom vent. It wasn't long ago that you were taking baths in this sink!

Instant hot water heater: highly recommended. This will make whoever lives here in the future very happy.


Daddy bought you some little candle lights of your own to play with. They are battery operated and have a flickering glow when they're switched on. Of course you put them in your basket of 'things that are yours to tote around' with your golf balls and cars :)

Sometimes we have space issues but it doesn't impede cooking and baking! As you can see the bananas are temporarily on a pot which is on a skillet on the stove. Our breads our ready to bake, and as the oven heats, we prepare you a snack... as you poke at our unbaked bread! Hands off! :)

You woke early this morning and woke early from your nap today, so it was no surprise to see you on the floor like this looking at a bag full of broken pieces of a bracelet (a Christmas gift to you that still entertains you, even in pieces).

Yesterday we talked about the first day of God's creation, when He created the light, and the dark...

This little light of mine...

I love you,

Mamma <3

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