Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cafe Gratitude {236}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Over early at Sisi's, rediscovering the goodies she's left out for us.

Exploring the Farmer's Market and Olive Oil Shop. We bought the kind of cheese we'd been searching for a long time. Also got to meet Ms. Firenze who wrote the book, "101 Things to Do with Olive Oil," from cleaning floors to treating ear infections and head lice, it's an amazing thing.

Yesterday was Sisi's 60th birthday and she wanted to celebrate with us in style. 
Getting ready to leave again for the evening festivities...

I can do this step mom!

Well, better be safe...

Help please!


Big step

We'll do it together.


Family picture time...


Downward escape attempt.

Upward escape attempt.

Baby, you're stuck with us.
 With the birthday girl.

Aunt K plays peek-a-boo, trying desperately to squeeze a smile out of you.

We headed downtown to the "Crossroads" District, down past most the shops and attractions to where many restaurants and lofts are. Most restaurants in this district are a bit off the beaten path. Many are just starting out, getting the chance to prove they can thrive before moving to more prime locations. Others are old mainstays and so well known, they continue to thrive right where they are.

 We went to Cafe Gratitude, where foods are named things like "I am Terrific," and "I am Whole." Daddy joked if he owned a restaurant, it would be a "guy" restaurant and foods would be named grunting sounds. Small drinks would be "Ug," mediums would be "Ug-ug," larges "Ug-ug-ug."

Climb up.



Back up.


Naseum :)
While at the restaurant we read letters that family and friends had written to Sisi telling about memories they have with her. She laughed and laughed as we read the memories. You ;) wrote about meeting her when you were a day old and swimming with her the past 2 summers.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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