Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Discovery Center {240}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Leaving tomorrow to go back west and do Daddy's very last job of the season. But, we may be back here again, because there is LOTS of work to be done... as you can see...

Today we visited the newly opened Flint Hills Discovery Center  

This picture is funny because its what we see on a regular basis in real life right now, only its on the big screen.

The second floor is almost entirely a place for children to play and do activities. Complete with gopher hole and slide!

View from the third floor terrace.
 Tonight we went to a bible study with a few other families. You were playing in the kitchen with Ian and Amsie, so I flipped open my phone to snap a few shots. When I looked at the photo, I realized, you were missing!! You had scooted off to the stairs and were making your way up. Just as I suspected. The problem is, you think you can walk down them. You only tried to get back to the stairs 4 or 5 more times before you settled in with some plastic cups.

Oh, also good thing you managed to get a late afternoon nap today. We actually stayed and played till 8:30 or so, when your normal bedtime is about 7 :)

I love you, 

Mamma <3

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