Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Toothpaste Kisses {246}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Out watering this morning, we noticed some activity going on in the neighbors' yard. Looks like something exciting is being built! Don't mind our prying...

You're face is healing up so quickly, little one. This photo looks like we did a whimsical affect to it. Nope, camera was just blurry from my fingers :)

Oh, good! The puppies are awake now.

Yes, it was us causing the dogs to bark this morning...

You can see the puppies if you look to the left of the sunbeam.

Afternoon bike ride.
Rough terrain, you held on well as I pushed you along.
Pit stop for chalk drawing on Ms. Stephanie's front porch.

Varsity volleyball game in session today.
The view from the cheering section.

And some time to run about.
We even found our way to Aunt Kit's home-economics classroom.
Thanks for the samplings of biscotti! :)

Well Daddy made it to Lancaster this morning, finally. He picked up the car and is now making the long trek back. He felt MUCH better today, we are so happy about that.

Your little molars are pushing through!
Thanks for the wonderful kisses tonight.
Laughing kisses.
Toothpaste kisses.
Sweet, sweet kisses.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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