Sunday, September 23, 2012

Marigold Tea and Your Middle Name {244}

Dear Miss Dinah,

I don't recall if I have told you the story of your middle name yet on the blogs, or not. Oh well, if so, I will tell you again :)

Your middle name is Monet.
Dinah Monet.

When you were born, and we learned that you were a precious baby girl :) we knew we wanted to name you Dinah. We'd had that name selected for our first baby girl for a long time. Originally however, we had the name Monette, as your middle name. Soon after you were born I looked over at Daddy and asked, "So...Dinah Monette?" "Dinah - yes, Monette - I'm not sure about." So we prayed about it and in about a week's time we had our answer.

That week we'd thrown around many new names, but nothing seemed right. We still liked the sound of Monette and so realized that it should sound just like that, but be spelled M-o-n-e-t, like the artist, Claude Monet. There is a scripture, Ephesians 2:10...

And for some reason, it struck me that we are God's workmanship, in a similar way that an artist creates a beautiful work of art. When you arrived, it was clear that you were a stunningly crafted work of your creator. Just like an artist's masterpiece, you would bring joy and delight to people just by seeing you and being around you. But even more than that, you were created unto good works, which God has already prepared that you should walk in them. You were created to do things no painting on a wall could ever do. Our greatest hope is that you should realize your destiny in Christ Jesus, being born again and able to perform those works which he's called you to.


Dominoes at the Long Term Care:

Who won? 

I don't know, but we learned how to make a domino train and that was very entertaining!

Did you know you can make tea from marigolds? We did today! It's pretty looking, and good for you. I will teach you soon.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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