Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Five Outfits {247}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Well well well...

When I went to download the photos for today's blog post, I was astonished that there were only two. I just figured I had taken many, but, I figured wrong.

With 5 outfits total today (not counting in and out of PJ's), it's a wonder I didn't take more... actually that many outfit changes is probably the reason! We were busy changing clothes all day :)

#1 because we got muddy watering the garden this morning.
#2 because of a common baby accident (ironically related to the fact this is the number two :) reason)
#3 because of a leaky sippy cup on the stroller ride
#4 ... I'm not remembering this ... perhaps there were only 3 changes and 4 outfits?

We went to Ginni and Gampa's this morning after stopping by the courthouse to pick up voter registration forms. We're changing the county we're registered in, since currently, we spent the most time here in this one. At Ginni's we swung on the swing, picked broccoli, apples and got to take home some fresh zucchini cake. Home-grown apples still make the transplant country girl a little queasy due to the very good possibility of worms. Broccoli is quite similar as far as bugs and caterpillars, but the beautiful, vibrant green color they become when cooked makes the ordeal worth it.

Oh, let me also tell you that your are cutting teeth like a champion. It seems like this must be a climax of the teeth-cutting time, just based on how they look, part in and part out of the gums. You have three: the two lower molars and the one on your upper left. Hang in there, lil mamma.

Daddy arrived at his destination this afternoon and is staying with our dear friends overnight there, before the last leg of the trip tomorrow. He's having a good time and glad to be off the rode. The new car is worth every penny, he reported. Even though there's no cruise control and the back seat doesn't fold down for storage or sleeping. He slept last night (a bit uncomfortably) in the back seat!

Here's a little sneak preview at a possible (probable) Halloween costume...

 I love you,

Mamma <3

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