Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nature's Bounty {241}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Headed out to drive home early this morning.

First stop: Flood Plains Environmental Center.

Really, we just stopped to use the bathroom and do a quick diaper change, but we ended up looking at a little of the aquatic life.


Look at how long this guys neck is! He reaches up to the surface of the water. But, there are signs warning that he bites, HARD. He looks a little bit like a dinosaur! But much, much smaller.

The beautiful flowers and herbs outside.
 Next stop was lunch at a new BBQ place. Daddy and I both had the special (sausage and 2 sides) and split a piece of Amaretto chocolate cake. You had some brisket, cornbread, and (your favorite) baked beans :)

In this photo you can see your meal being brought over and you can also see Mamma in the mirror, taking the picture. Check out that neat travel booster seat they had at the restaurant. Your face got so messy after you ate that Dave, the owner had to come over and take a photo of you.

 Next stop: Jack and Sheila's. We started talking and catching up, and about 2 hours passed! Daddy asked Sheila if she could check out his ear which had been bother him for about 2.5 months since he got a kernel of wheat stuck in there! She flushed it out with this little bucket and squirter, and sure enough, a piece of wheat came out! Yeah!! He should be feeling much better now.

Home at last...
Pizwit was VERY glad to see you, as you were her. No sooner had you two started running around outside when you took a nose dive onto the concrete. Thankfully, there was minimal damage, but you were a little scraped up, a little blood in your nose, and you may have a little bruise on your lip. We'll see tomorrow :(  It's times like these when I'm glad we are still nursing quite a bit. It's a relief to be able to comfort you like that.

Nature's bounty...
Sampling of what we've brought home with us:
Cucs from Grandpa T's garden,
Apples from Whole Foods,
Some bitter green veggie from GT's garden I'd never heard of
Kale and eggplant from farmer's market
Plums and nectarines from store
Tomatoes and green peppers from GT's garden :) 

I love you,

Mamma <3

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