Saturday, September 8, 2012

Car Wash {229}

Dear Miss Dinah,

So...I just can't stop taking these sunrise pictures. The first thing I notice is the pink glow on the wall across from the window. See, this is our view out the kitchen sink window. Lately, it has just seemed so wonderful and different, so we run outside to snap it!

Running the track this morning...
We try and stroll during the mornings a few times each week, and this morning I decided to let you out for a change on we got to the track. Needless to say, you were happy about that.

Here's our Bento-style lunch packed and ready to take on the road.

And here you are eating lunch while I teach some dance. 
...and while I snap photos while I teach dance apparently... :)

When we finally got home you didn't nap again, besides to two 30-minute power naps you took on both the car rides there and back. But, as I peeked in, you had your head down and your little bottom up, and then tried to move your legs up the crib rails (headstand??) I counted 73 seconds from the time I caught you doing it. I know someone was paying attention in class today.

After I got you up, we washed the front of the car. All this driving, it needed it!

I love you sweet thing.

Mamma <3

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