Saturday, September 22, 2012

Love in the Wheat Dust {243}

Dear Miss Dinah,

The cool, crisp morning light is so delightful to be out in.

Notice Pizwit exploring the great beyond behind you...

Watering the herb garden lends itself to fun splashing around. You love water play, even despite the chillier temps. Well, not much chillier really. It was about 55 and warming quickly when we went out this morning.

We will have to go with a plan B for the costume choice. The feet drag behind you and the hat swallows you whole. Apparently "toddler" size means 2-4 year old. Good thing I didn't order the small (which I thought was smaller than toddler) because that was 4-6 years old!!!

Helping Mamma hang clothes on hangers and fold laundry. You climb up on one chair a while...sit and help...climb down...climb up on another chair...

Outside time.

Love in the wheat dust. 

Dinah following kitty under the trailer...

Soon we would be the ones followed as we left for a walk in the stunningly beautiful afternoon weather. Pizwit followed us down the street. We said fine, you can come with us! And put her under the stroller but that didn't last long. Neither did carrying her :) So she had to be taken back home.

The evening we went to the bowling alley to celebrate Ms. Kenedy's 13th birthday! Actually, we were two hours early for the cosmic bowling party which didn't start until way past bed time. We got to wish her a happy birthday and stayed to visit a while. Her cake was 3 tiers (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla) and it was black with neon splatter paint-like decoration. Very cool.

Here you are with your neon glow stick on

WALKING down the steps

which you probably did 15 times

When I tucked you in bed tonight you lay back and let me cover you with your comforter. You stayed down, your eyes getting heavy as I sang to you and stroked your hair. You had your little teething bag (with a few almonds inside) to bite on, as you drifted into slumberland right in front of my eyes. This is the first time I haven't left you in a seated or standing position in bed for a LONG time :)

I love you,

Mamma <3

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