Monday, September 3, 2012

Card Carrying Baby {224}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Walking into the party carrying a birthday card for the birthday boy.

I think he liked it. 
"I'm gonna keep this," he said.

90 years young...

The spread...
Chocolate zucchini cake, caramel cake with caramel candy frosting (one Great-Granny used to make I've been told), and banana-mango ice cream. 


 Someone found a "rain stick" and brought it out for you to play with.
You thoroughly enjoyed it, howling with laughter and clapping your hands.

Then it was paparazzi time.
Here are cousins...


And us!

I love YOU,   (Haha, Daddy sneezed and kitty jumped an inadvertently hit caps lock here)

Mamma <3

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