Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mamma Loves Clean Floors {222}

Dear Miss Dinah,

This morning Mamma had to go out of town to observe some of Sabrina's dancers and for some upcoming classes and workshops. I begged you two to come with me, but Daddy said he had some things planned for the two of you here.

Boo. I missed you so much, although baby James (and all the other dancers of course) were pretty good company. Still, I hope next time you guys get to come.

This afternoon we cleaned up a storm and you watched some "Baby Einstein: My First Signs." You are so thrilled when you understand what is going on. When the woman on the show asks for "more" and the puppet brings her "more," you also sign "more" and clap excitedly.

Meanwhile Pizwit was outside sleeping among the herbs.

See her?

And now, she curls up between my hands and the keyboard as I type on my computer on the bed.

I love you, 

Mamma <3

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