Sunday, September 30, 2012

Invading the Bachelor Pad {251}

Dear Miss Dinah,

After a long morning of packing, loading, and trying to keep Pizwit from running outside...

We are ready to go!


...Hold that thought a second...the battery has died.
BIG THANKS to Jerry for coming over to jump start our car!

Stopping for a little lunch along the way. Sweet potato fries? Don't mind if I do.

For a girl who hasn't seemed to like anything at all on her head...she LOVED this crown. Each time your mamma placed it on your head you squealed with delight! I guess it made you feel like a little princess? :)

I got quite a chuckle out of this scene tonight. Daddy has been here a few days, and so the place looks a bit like a "bachelor's pad." Enough cereal boxes for many meals, and a pizza box, and some carry-out...


I love you, 

Mamma <3

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