Friday, September 7, 2012

Macaroni Factory {228}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Another picturesque morning.

Good thing we got out and enjoyed it because it was super windy the rest of the day. Too windy to be outside :( 

Of course Pizwit adventured out with us and ran out into the field. We chased her around for a while, but then just let her be.

When she finally came back, I got her a little treat. I like to reward her for coming back from long trips. Because I miss her when she's gone, and because she's worked so hard at exploring, I'm sure she's hungry :)

You were, shall we say, excited to see her as well. Or maybe you were excited to see the tuna because you managed to snag a little of it too, right out of her bowl. 

Later we had fun with macaroni. 

Lots and lots of fun.

First you sorted.

Then some very fast stirring.

And deciding they need to go back into the box.

One by one.

And shaken.

And poured back in the bowl.

Your assistant arrives on the scene.

You both are pleased with your work.


I love you,

Mamma <3

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