Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Skills {232}

Dear Miss Dinah,

You are starting to become so communicative throughout the day. Still not speaking sentences or even really words yet, of course. But, it's amazing how much you understand. For instance, today I said, "Go pick up your snack cup and bring it to Mamma," and you did! A little earlier, your snack cup had become empty, so you grabbed my hand and put it on your cup, motioned over to where the grapes were and made the sign for "more."

Each day you get better and better with your locomotive skills. You stack and hold very proficiently with both hands. You stacked three cans of beans today, and were considering the fourth! You contemplate steps, especially the one to our kitchen. Today you let me hold your hands so you could step down it. Otherwise you stand there a while, then usually opt to start putting a foot down, then sit down to help yourself go all the way. But, you do remain forward facing :)

You are a good little helper and though you enjoy playing, you also show signs of mimicking the things I do around the house. Putting laundry in and out of baskets, moving things around the pantry shelf, even what appeared to be sweeping the evening :)

Snapshots of the day:

Hiding Cheerios after our jog. I took your straps off before I decided to snap this photo, so you thought it was past time to get out!

More hidden Cheerios.


The cans.

The sweep.

You were so tired before your nap (1) nap today you fell asleep on the changing table as I was changing you.

I love you,


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